Let Damazonia's thigh-high leather boots control your life

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Starring: Damazonia

Date Added: Nov 8, 2023

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Mmm, look at what I have here! I know what you've been thinking about. I know what you fantasize about. And you have it right in front of your eyes right now. You know, we have something in common. I also love boots. I love wearing them, honestly. There's just something about a long pair of leather boots that is just so perfect. Perfect for worship! And that's why you're here. I want you to worship my boots!

And you better do it the way I want. Because there is no such thing as doing a sloppy job when it comes to worship. No. So come closer. I want you to be able to smell the leather. Those are really, really good quality boots, and you can see it, and you can smell it.

So come closer. I want you to start with the bottom. Of course, I want you to kiss them all over. And lick the whole sole, right here, I want to see your tongue on them. You're gonna be a good boot licker in no time. So keep your tongue on the bottom of them. And I want you to suck on that heel. That's right, right here. Put it in your mouth. That's it. All of it. Those boots are perfect for worship, and I would love to see you worship every inch of it.

Now you can make your way up right here. You start by kissing them. I don't want you to lick them yet. I want you to be patient, like a good boy. So start with right here, that's right, and you make your way up. You make your way up, you cover them in kisses. Such a good boy. See, you know how to obey your mistress!

Worship those boots. They are so hot. That's it. I want your kisses all over them. But you're not allowed to touch them yet. That will come in time, when I say so. I want you to worship both of them, obviously. Cover them in kisses. Such a good boy.

Now I want you start licking them. Yes, you lick them. You lick that luxurious leather from the bottom to the top. You're so desperate for them. See? A pair of boots can control your life! They're just so arousing.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking of putting your cock in between. Ooh, that would be so hot. If you worship them properly, I might let you do it. What do you think? But first you have to worship every inch of it. And if you do it properly, I will let you fuck them. That's it, you're such a good boot licker. And I'm just gonna relax here while you do it. That's it, slave. Just worship my boots until I tell you to stop!


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